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Sertec S.R.L. is a provider of global solutions on Protection Systems against atmospheric discharges, and on design and backup electric energy supply, based on its vast experience gained through the several years of technical work, constant update and training.

For protection systems against atmospheric discharges, specifically lightning, SERTEC has the PDCE SERTEC multiple field electric compensator. This PDCE-CMCE protector aims to protect people, animals and structures in installations on land, air and water from any electrical phenomenon whose means of transport is air. The protector is a passive sensor system designed to balance and deionize at all times the effects of atmospheric phenomena through multiple compensators, generating a protective shield in its coverage area. Its operating principle is based on compensating and stabilizing the existing electric field in its environment. In this way, it cancels the formation of the ascending tracer, neutralizing the lightning and draining the electric charges to earth, in harmless milliamperes.

The PDCE-CMCE SERTEC is great for factories, hospitals and sanatories, telecommunications, sports complexes, construction sites, ships, monuments and historical sites, buildings and shopping centers, mines and petrochemicals (explosive atmospheres), airports, radars and control towers, wind generators, photovoltaic/solar panels, electrical substations, high and low voltage lines.

For more information on these products, please visit the SERTEC website: www.sertec.com.py

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